Are you a new car owner?

If yes, then congratulations are on the way!

Shopping a car is a daunting experience. But once you get the one, you can’t help to contain that giddiness and satisfaction of owning something. No surprise there if you have already circled the town driving your new car.

Now that you’ve got a car, always remember to take of it. Vehicles are an investment. And for sure, you wouldn’t want that money wasted away due to lack of care and incorrect maintenance.

As a new car owner, know that the vehicle’s engine is only a piece that makes the whole machine run. One of the vehicle’s parts that you need to take care of the most is the tires.

Every vehicle has a unique tire pressure. It is indicated on the driver’s side door. You can also read it on the owner’s manual copy.

It is important to keep the tires properly inflated. Too much and too little pressure can lead to tire damage. Moreover, it’ll risk the braking threshold and reduces traction. Likewise, too much pressure can cause a blowout. If you want to preserve the tire’s lifespan, make sure that it contains the right pressure, as recommended by the manufacturer.

How to Tell Tire Pressure?

There are devices you can use to determine the tire pressure of your car. These two options include analog tire gauge and digital tire gauge. These devices help in monitoring the current pressure of the tire and tell you whether to inflate or bleed out the excess the pressure.

Now here goes a question, which among these two tire gauges is the one to choose?

There are no correct or wrong choices when selecting a tire gauge. It all depends on your preferences. For example, professional car racers like the analog best, since it does not require batteries and lasts longer. On the other hand, beginners will probably choose a digital tire gauge because it is easier to use and extremely convenient. Additionally, digital tire gauges look more modern and sleek compared to the traditional version.

However, when it comes to accuracy, there is no telling which device is better. These two can measure PSI but not the exact measurement. There is always a half or one point difference.

If you are planning to choose a digital tire gauge, remember to pick one of the best options out there. And, one of the most reliable devices for checking tire pressure is Accutire digital tire gauge.

The Accutire digital tire gauge is a popular choice because of its durability, design, and ability to provide accurate readings. It is perfect for both beginners and professional car owners. Unfortunately, this device has a very limited reading, which you might want to consider.

If you need a digital tire gauge that can measure a wide range of pressure, look for alternatives here at My Automotive Zone. This platform is very informative. Right here, you can learn the basics of how to find the best tire gauge and tire pressure monitoring system. Also, it will point you towards the best tire devices in the market this year.


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