Other people might say that having a nice pair of dress shoes is a luxury. If you are a gentleman, please beg to disagree because dress shoes are a necessity. Even if you are a sneaker and hoodie kind of man, you will surely need to dress up on certain occasions. It is better to be prepared for opportunities to dress up instead of regretting it in the end.

If you do not have a pair of dress shoes, this article can help you determine the most common types of dress shoes for men. Once you know these types, you will surely be ready to dress up for any event.

What is the anatomy of a dress shoe?

Before you know the different types of dress shoes, you should know the parts or the components that make up the dress shoe.

Beginning from the back to the front part of the shoe, here are the four components of a dress shoe:

  • Quarter
  • Facing
  • Vamp
  • Toe

The placement of these four parts can determine the individuality or the kind of dress shoe.

What are the common types of dress shoes?

1. Oxford

Oxford dress shoe is the most basic and timeless of all dress shoes ever made. If it is your first time purchasing a dress shoe, an Oxford pair can be a good start. It is versatile, and you can dress it up and down. You can use it daily or as formal wear.

You can recognize an Oxford shoe through its closed lacing. It means that the facing part of the shoe is attached beneath the vamp. Through this placement, the shoe will achieve a slim silhouette that ideally embraces the foot’s contour.

2. Derby

The Derby is quite similar to the Oxford but is more casual.

A lot of people usually mistaken Derbies as Oxfords because they look similar and have a non-noticeable difference. However, to make it easy, you have to look at the facing part of the shoe. In the Derby, the facing is attached to the top part of the vamp. While in Oxford, where it is attached beneath the vamp. This placement is called “open lacing,” and it gives your feet a wider fit.

Since it has a wider fit, it is also more comfortable. It is the reason why Derby is considered to be more casual than Oxford.

3. Monk Strap

Compared to the first two dress shoe type, the monk strap does not have lace. This dress shoe is considered to be more formal compared to the Derby but less formal compared to the Oxford.

When it comes to the construction, Monk Strap and Oxford have similarities except that the Monk Strap has a wide swath of leather that is fastened across the front part of the shoe instead of lace. Depending on the style, the strap can be secured by either a double-buckle or single-buckle closure.

If you already have one of those dress shoe types, you might want to get your hands on this unique dress shoe with dual texture detailing.


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