Style During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful roller coaster journey that you have mixed feelings about! You know you’re about to be a mom, and you should be on top of the world, but there are also these moments of extreme discomfort and uneasiness where you wonder when this will end! But in the end, the entire thing is just beautiful! Making this journey as comfortable as possible is crucial – and your clothing comes into the picture here! The more comfortable your outfits are, the more comfortable you will be! And yes, we firmly believe that being pregnant is not a reason to compromise on style and fashion – so here we are, with some outfits which we believe the pregnant-you must have!

1. High-waist leggings:

Ditch those stuffy jeans and go in for these comfy leggings! The best part about them is that they are super stretchable and cover your growing bump too! They are high waist which makes wearing and carrying them very easy. Also, they come in both neutral shades and colorful prints, which make you want to own at least a couple of them right away! So don’t wait, get hold of your pair right away!

Style During Pregnancy

2. Maxi dresses:

These loose, flowy dresses are something you’d want right away in your wardrobe! You can easily pick one of these maxi dresses for any occasion – you’ll look all dresses up without actually having to make an effort! That’s the fun part about these dresses! They’re very comfortable and make you feel good when you’re in them. Not too clingy, just right!

3. Long tank tops and t-shirts:

Loose and long, these tank tops and t-shirts will definitely come in handy for a casual outing or simply a lazy day home! Make sure you get the expandable version, this will accommodate the growing you comfortable. You’ll easily cruise through the nine months with these casuals in hand.

4. Maternity jeans:

Though they might be a tad uncomfortable, you can’t entirely isolate jeans from your wardrobe, right? What if you want to wear a pair of jeans and can’t get into those regular jeans? This is where your maternity jeans come into the picture. Get yourself a couple of pairs and watch how these jeans are crafted for your comfort!

5.  Loose cardigan:

You can team this up with anything – those loose t-shirts and tank tops too! Also, these cardigans go perfectly with your leggings and jeans too! Way to go!


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