If you are a coffee lover, you probably look high and low for the best French press coffee maker in the market.

Indeed, having a personal French press coffee maker at home has its advantages. You can make a cup of delicious and energizing coffee in a matter of minutes every time you hit a craving. Likewise, it’ll save you time and effort from going to local coffee stores.

But take note, not all French press coffee makers out there is a good buy. If you are searching for one, look for these qualities of a French press coffee maker worth considering.

#1 Excellent Build and Durable

A quality French press coffee maker features quality construction. The glass parts should not break easily. Moreover, it must endure very high temperatures.

Avoid French press coffee makers with plastic parts. This type of material easily melts at a very high temperature. The melted plastic parts that mix with the beverage can cause health issues.

#2 Thermal Shock Resistant

Some French press coffee makers can’t hold varying degrees of temperature without rest. If you want to make several cups of coffee, you have to give the appliance a rest time before the next batch, or else, the glass will break from sudden temperature change.

However, certain French press coffee maker that is thermal shock resistant. Such items can withstand different temperatures without causing damage to the equipment. Thus, consider this aspect as you keep on browsing for a good French press coffee maker.

#3 Versatile

The best French press coffee maker allows you to prepare different beverages like tea and fruit drinks. This quality is a great plus since it provides you a lot of opportunities to prepare various drinks using only one item.

#4 Functional Plunger System

A good plunger system in this kind of kitchen appliance is worth spending money. Some French press coffee maker is tough to clean. Coffee residues are often left inside the container.

That is why it is better to choose a French press coffee maker with an excellent plunger system. And, don’t forget to look for a dishwasher-safe label.

#5 User-Friendly

It is time-consuming and a hassle to use such equipment with complicated mechanisms. You spend most of the time figuring out how to make the appliance work instead of sipping your favorite beverage.

Select a French press coffee maker that is easy to operate and fast in working. Also, find out if the product has an instructional manual to help you get started with the machine.

Additional Tips

Aside from the above criteria in looking for a quality French press coffee maker, you also need assistance from reliable sources.

Reading product reviews will help you to find out which items are worth considering and which are not. Likewise, it’ll guide you to the right alternatives and markets as well. In this manner, you won’t have to worry if you are dealing with a legit store online.

One of the most trustworthy sources when it comes to French press coffee maker is Coffee break Essentials. Check out their official website to see reviews and tips regarding this kitchen appliance.


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