Have you ever heard of magic shrooms?

Maybe you have heard this phrase from some of your friends before but you just ignored it.

But what if we tell you that magic mushrooms intake can take you to a whole different world that you’d enjoy, would you be interested to try?

Well, there are two reasons why people use shrooms. It’s either they want to feel euphoria after intake or they’re using it for spiritual purposes — to gain more knowledge!

Today, the benefits of these so-called magic shrooms are backed by Science. So come with us as we journey to the magical world of mushroom benefits.

  1. It increases your creativity and dissolves your ego

Taking psilocybin (magic shrooms) and other psychedelics can introduce you to a world where your ego doesn’t tell you what to do. Yes, you read that right!

The loss of your ego can be beneficial depending on the context, which means that you must dissolve your ego in the right context.

Through this experience which is both life-changing and expansive, you’ll feel more alive and connected. 

And it can even boost your creativity levels!

  • It reduces depression

The mushroom’s active ingredient which is psilocybin has served as cultural and spiritual bedrock for several great civilizations on the planet.

The Aztec people referred to these shrooms as “teonanacatl” which translates to “divine mushroom.”

Moreover, modern neuroscience discovered that psilocybin interacts with an individual’s brain serotonin receptors. As a result, that person will experience consciousness-altering effects.

A more recent research has proved the effectiveness of shrooms in treating depression. Sometimes, a small dose can be adequate to get rid of the symptoms permanently.

  • It stops addiction to different substances and cigarettes

Do you feel like you’re caught up in an unhealthy pattern? Do you smoke or take other addictive stuff?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, maybe it’s about time to try psychedelics such as magic mushrooms.

According to studies, shrooms can be a treatment for people suffering from addiction from substances like nicotine and cocaine.

In the year 2008, a research was conducted by Amanda Feilding of the Beckley Foundation and she partnered with Johns Hopkins University. The study was all about the effects of psilocybin on nicotine addiction.

  • It increases openness and positive shifting of personality

Humans were born with natural instincts — to grow, learn, and connect. However, as we grow older, we might drift away from that path due to bad experiences and eventually close down.

For example, if you were in love and your heart gets broken, you might less likely want to get into a new relationship in the future. If you have several negative life experiences, you might close down yourself.

With magic shrooms, you can begin to experience that openness again!

Now that you know the benefits of magic mushrooms, you might want to get one — or a lot if you want! Visit The Fun Guys shroom dispensary and start enjoying a psychedelic life!


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