Is it your first time heading for a day hike?

Whether this is your first time to do a day hike and it is close to home or a place where there are new hikers too, you have to have these following essential things on your backpack during your first-time to do a day hike.

#1: Navigation equipment

Don’t leave your home without any navigation devices, especially the traditional ones – a trusty compass and easy to use a map. Although there is nothing wrong with carrying a battery-operated GPS and trusting your handy phone with map app – in fact, it is very convenient and useful during trail – you should always carry a navigation device that never runs out of battery.

So, before heading to the hiking site, make sure you know how to read the map, how to use a compass, and how to keep yourself from going in the wrong direction and getting lost. But the best way not to get lost is hiking with someone with hiking experience or a few of your friends or your family will do.

#2: Hiking and outdoor gear

Now, you need to focus on hiking and outdoor gear.

What are the right gears for a day hike?

First, you have to determine the weather condition on the day you are planning to day hike; this way, you’ll be able to determine what type of hiking dress is appropriate to wear according to weather conditions. However, if it is impossible to know the weather forecast, just pack some extra clothes and these few:

  • One to two moisture-wicking clothes and undergarments
  • Warm hat
  • Quick-dry pants and shorts
  • Long-sleeve shirt
  • A Jacket or lightweight fleece (if necessary)
  • Extra pair of socks
  • Rainwear
  • Gloves
  • Insulated vest or jacket
  • The right hiking boots or shoes
  • Sun protection, including sunscreen lotion.

If you are hiking during the summer you have to wear summer hiking gear, but you have to be prepared for a possible rainy day hiking too. If you are planning to day hike during the winter season, you have to pack up warm and insulated hiking gears from head to toe.

 #3: Food and water

Even if you and your friends are doing a one-day hiking adventure, you should never forget to pack up food and water – enough hydration is critical to hiking adventure, and so does food to boost energy.

#4:  First Aid Kit

Not just because you’ll be having a one-day hiking adventure, you won’t be bringing a first-aid kit. Remember that anything can happen at the wrong time and wrong place, so bring a first aid kit is a nice start to keep safe during hiking.

Also, do not forget to include some safety items including a flashlight, fire, and whistle.

#5: Emergency shelter

Again, even if you are planning to do a day hike, you should also consider bringing emergency shelter, like tents.

Lastly, be a responsible hiker and do not leave any traces during hiking. Bring a garbage bag and keep your trash with you until you find the right and safe place to throw your trash.


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