Are you looking for the best cowboy boots for your type of work? Do you want a high quality yet affordable cowboy boots? If yes, then continue reading this article for we will provide here the best Tecovas boots reviews for your reference.

In the modern world of fashion, cowboy boots are still in. That is because many men still love to wear cowboy boots, especially if they are Tecovas Boots. Why they love Tecovas boots? That is because when we say Tecovas, it is a high-quality brand that is popular in terms of high quality with the corresponding affordable price too. That is why most of the men love to use this type of cowboy boots and usually, models love to wear cowboy boots because of its special and unique features. In this article, I will discuss the history, price and quality features of Tecovas boots that considered it to be one of the best brands of cowboy boots.

Tecovas boots were established through Paul Hedrick. Paul became frustrated in buying expensive boots that cost from $500 up to $1500 for just normal cowboy boots. He desires to buy affordable cowboy boots that will be available in the public. Thus, he resigned from his job in 2014 and started to do the research for almost 16 months. After that, he started manufacturing Tecovas Boots that was first based and now the present headquarters in Leon, Mexico, the Boot-Making Capital of the World. Tecovas brand was named from the Tecovas Formation geographical feature that can be found in West Texas, Palo Duro Canyon. Paul started to sell these boots online and then it grew bigger and bigger because it offers high-quality cowboy boots that are not really expensive compared to other boots brand.

The other best thing that Tecovas boots offer is an affordable price. Since Paul Hedrick’s desire is to offer affordable high-quality cowboy boots, it became effective in the public. Tecovas calfskin and suede boots price range from $200 up to $250 while their expensive alligator boots cost up to $700. The other reason why it became cheaper compared to the branded cowboy boots is that they just sell it online which means that there are fewer overhead costs compared to other brands. Also, it is being manufactured in Mexico that is much lesser labor costs compared to the cowboy boots brand labored in the US. Compared to the other cowboy boots brand, such as Lucchese cowboy boots, Tecovas cowboy boots are much cheaper in terms of its price.

One of the best things that Tecovas boots can compete with the other cowboy boots brand is in terms of its high premium quality. When in terms of its appearance and detail features, these Tecovas cowboy boots are advance on these features. Since it is affordable in just $200 up to $700 price range, these cowboy boots are often not used in outdoor activities. They are usually used by fashion models because of its professional look. Tecovas boots are made of quality leathers with custom-tanned available in different colors. They are being stitched by the experts in an old-fashioned method and handcrafted for long-lasting use. They also use the Goodyear Welt that is being used for almost 150 years in the industry.

After reading this, surely you will come to think to buy these Tecovas cowboy boots online!


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