The Mighty Bliss heating pad is one of the popular heating pads that you can find in the market today. It features the following:

  • Extra-large size heating pad at 12 by 24 inches that can cover a larger area of the body.
  • Designed with a nine-foot-long cord, for easy recharging and easy use.
  • Designed with fast and quick heating technology.
  • Constructed with Soft Microplush Fibers.
  • Designed with multiple personalized settings from temperature setting options (low, medium, and high), automatic shut-off technology, and moist and dry setting options.
  • It comes with guaranteed lifetime replacement that is for free.
  • The Mighty Bliss heating pad is an ETL-Certified.

For technical-wise, here is a quick view on Mighty Bliss heating pad’s specifications:

  • Product size: 12” x 24” wide (XL-size)
  • Product weight: 1.35 pounds
  • Materials: Soft Microplush Fibers
  • Wire: 9 feet extra-long cord
  • Includes: Storage bag

Aside from its popular and very useful features, there are a lot of good reasons why you should consider investing one or two; and here are a few pros why you should check it out today:


  • Smartly designed with convenient customizable settings. These settings allow you to easily change the temperature of the heating pad (low, medium, and high). Also, the Mighty Bliss electric heating pad is designed with moist and dry options; this feature allows you to have a comfortable type of heat therapy. Third, the heating pad is designed with automatic shut-off technology – a convenient feature that gives you worry-free heating therapy.
  • It provides effective heat therapy. The Mighty Bliss heating pad is a well-designed electric heating pad that effectively penetrates its heat to the affected area. Plus, it is constructed as a super-fast electric heating pad. Additionally, the heating pad is effective for chronic pain.
  • Machine washable. The good thing about the Mighty Bliss heating pad, is machine washable; meaning, you can wash the pad using a washing machine. Plus, the pad is easy to maintain.
  • Designed with Soft Microplush Fibers. The Microplush Fibers give a more comfortable and cozy feeling while trying to get heat therapy. Also, these soft fibers are often used in the most comfortable and luxurious winter pajamas or bed covers.
  • It comes with free lifetime replacements and a money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.


  • The easy-to-press button can turn the device on, even if it is just an accident.
  • There are areas on the heating pad that can get very hot.

Final Thoughts

The Mighty Bliss is indeed a very useful and effective heating pad that you can find in the market. It promises to relieve pain fast; thanks to its super-fast heating technology. Also, soft micro-plush fibers provide more comfortable heat therapy.

So, is it worth it to purchase a Mighty Bliss? It is a fact that there are numbers of a good brand of heating pads in the market today. But if you are hoping to invest a reliable and very effective heating pad, the Mighty Bliss is one of the best choices today. Check out more information about this product on


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