It is something that has kept a big chunk of the human population awake and working on the important tasks that you want to do. It is a drink that is consumed preferably while it is hot, and it gives a surge of energy for those that need to stay working and awake.

There are a lot of ways to make and acquire coffee; the common ones being the instant coffee machines that you can see in your office or vending machines. There are also specialty stores that sell different blends and kinds of coffee that you might want to try for a change. However, it is still different from the ones that you make yourself. The difference is most likely the ease of making it and for you not having to travel distances to grab this coffee. You might have a coffee machine at your home or office already that is already brewing your coffee; but if you want one of the popular coffee makers that are on the rise in the market then look no further than here! This article will introduce you to a different kind of coffee maker that is versatile and can make a good brew of coffee. It is called the French Press Coffee Maker.

The French Press Coffee Maker

According to an article in a website named Coffee Break Essentials, a French press coffee maker is more satisfying and makes a better brew than your own electric coffee maker that you might have in your home. If you do not know how it works, you can read up on the review made by the same website about one of the best French Press Coffee Makers available on the market, the Bean Envy French Press Coffee, Espresso and Tea Maker, at is a good read and you can gain a wealth of information from the article. Thus, this article is going to talk about the characteristics of the Bean Envy.

The Bean Envy French Press Coffee Maker

The features of this coffee maker that makes it distinct from the rest are the following:

  1. It has multiple functions other than brewing coffee like brew tea, espresso, rehydrate dried food, strain vegetables, and rinse quinoa.
  2. It has a built in milk frother with stand that can be used to make cocktails, and the material that this 16 oz glass container is environmentally friendly. From these features, you can see what sets it above the normal coffee maker. It has multiple functions and is versatile.
  3. It has an electric hand mixer to mix the stuff inside and it works as it is advertised.

Thus, if you want to buy this beast of a coffee maker, go visit their website to know where to buy this amazing product. Feel free to read more at the link provided above to learn more of what the coffee maker has to offer to you; a customer that loves coffee and driven by coffee in your day to day life. The website has listed more pros of the product and some of the cons that you might encounter while using the product. They also compare it to another French press coffee maker and shows how amazing the product is.


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