Is working while having fun traveling abroad or to another state counterproductive? No, as long as you know how to manage your time well. How? Read it here.  

‘Work hard and play hard’; should be every working individual’s motto. While devoting 100 percent of your energy to work, you should also devote 100 percent of your energy to recreation after your work is done. Through this, you won’t feel burn-out due to work pressure. But is it possible to work while having fun traveling abroad or across the states? Yes, it is possible. How?

Here are some tips on how to execute productivity while traveling:

#1: Make a smart plan

To maximize your productivity while traveling, you need to create a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) plan; through this, you’ll be able to attain goals even when you are having fun during a vacation or business trip.

Plan your daily activities well. If you need to attend video conferences or meetings, provide ample time to prepare before the scheduled meeting. Make sure to split your tasks per day before their deadline. Do not commit to tasks that are impossible to work while traveling.

Provide a specific timetable of the things you need to do throughout the day. Create a measurable plan that is attainable and realistic. Have fun during your travel but do not compromise your work. So, make sure that your daily schedules throughout your travel period are timely. There are several strategies on how to make a smart plan that you should learn more about to keep your productivity while on travel.

#2: Always remain open to communications

Urgent work can pop up anytime throughout your travel period. Even though you have the right to ignore work or business-related calls during your trip, you should take them as urgent since you have informed your co-workers or employees that you’ll be traveling out of the state or country. These calls could be an opportunity for your business to grow, or it could be a business problem that requires immediate attention. So, always keep your lines of communication open.

#3: Get a good sleep

Both work and play consume significant energy. Since you are going to play and work at the same time, you need enough quality sleep. Getting enough sleep will help boost your productivity levels, make good decisions, and helps enhance focus. And most importantly, it helps replenish your energy for the next day’s challenges.

#4: Eat well

Even though you are busy, do not forget to eat well. Eat like you are on vacation without any attachment to your work. Keep hydrated. If you need to work at night for few hours, try not to drink alcoholic beverages. Also, do not forget to take your dietary supplement; you will need it.

Final Thoughts

Working while on travel abroad or across the state is not bad. However, you should know how to manage your time well. Make sure to create a plan before traveling to another country or state. Have fun on your trip, but do not compromise your work.


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