Mixed opinions can be gathered when you ask about makeup primers. Some might say that it is not necessary and would be a waste of time, while some might say that it is an essential part of applying makeup. All women in the world would surely want flawless skin, but still, a lot of them are not aware that they can get that by using makeup primers.

When it comes to makeup primers, you should be aware first of what it can do to your skin. The function of a makeup primer is to prepare your skin for foundation and other cream application and to promote better absorption for other makeup products.

As you already know, other products can give you flawless skin like high-quality foundation, day and night creams, moisturizers, and exfoliators. However, you should still never forget to use a makeup primer.

Here are the essential reasons why you should start using one:

1. It makes your skin look brighter

If you don’t feel like using a highlighter, primer can surely save your day. When you apply primer on your face, it can brighten up your skin because it also has reflecting pigments. It means that you can use the primer as a substitute for highlighter.

The primer can help you achieve a cute and impressive look, and it can save you some time.

2. It hides your skin imperfections

Aside from improving your makeup, it can also cover blemishes, wrinkles, and lines on your skin. It would function as a real-life Photoshop because it can give your skin a flawlessly smooth and poreless surface.

However, to benefit from these effects, you should be able to pick the right primer for your skin type. It is also recommended to find ones with natural ingredients that your skin can benefit from.

3. It evens out your skin

There are a lot of makeup primers in the market, but talking about every single one of them would surely make this article long. If you are not aware, there is a color-correcting primer that can help you even out your skin. It can help if you have an uneven skin tone. It is best to even out your skin tone before applying foundation and other makeup on your face.

For people who have yellowish skin tones, it is recommended that you use a purple primer. While for people who have red skin tones, it is best to settle for the green types of primers.

4. It works on the pores

Having an oily skin type can mean that you also have a problem with the size of your pores. With that said, you should find a product that can fight both of these problems for you.

Luckily, primers can do that. It can close your pores against outer influences, smooth your skin, and reduce the size of your pores. Other primers even contain anti-aging ingredients and vitamins that could make it more effective.

Having an oily skin type can be hard because it makes makeup application hard. You can find here which is the best primer for oily skin.


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